The Nonprofit Management Certificate

We are honored and excited that you are interested in being a participant in the SECOND class of the ETCN Nonprofit Management Certificate. In today’s environment, nonprofits and those who work with them need to position themselves for success, and your involvement today is an effective way to evaluate yourself and your organization. The East Texas Center for Nonprofit’s Nonprofit Management Certificate Program is designed to advance your skills and knowledge through a non-degreed, in-depth learning experience.

Each ETCN Nonprofit Management Certificate requires the completion of SEVEN full day courses representing 56 hours of learning, not including outside resources and e-learning opportunities. All participants have 2-years to complete the required sessions. Below is the schedule for 2017. 

  • Risk & Financial Management- February 10th
  • Strategic Planning- February 24th 
  • Fundraising- March 10th
  • Program Planning & Evaluation- March 24th 
  • Board Governance- April 7th
  • HR & Volunteer Management- April 21st
  • Branding, Marketing, & PR- May 5th 

*All sessions will take place from 9:00am to 4:00pm at their respective locations- TBA

Participants learn best practices in the seven key areas of operating a successful nonprofit organization. Each area of study will be taught by industry experts and will include handouts as well as a list of resources compiled into a binder for each student completing the class.

Who should participate?

It is designed for professionals already engaged in the field, as well as for those in transition, who are seeking a valuable professional credential.

Cost per session: $100/$700 for all completed certificate courses.

All certificate recipients will become alumni of the East Texas Center for Nonprofits (ETCN). This will grant ongoing discounts to all ETCN workshops and the opportunity to be part of an on-going networking and peer-to-peer learning opportunity facilitated by ETCN. 

Ongoing benefits include:

  • One free ETCN development training for the 2018 calendar year.
  • Ongoing discounted training fees.
  • 2017 Bright Ideas Luncheon guest/reduced all-day conference fee.
  • One additional ETCN Master Mind Session facilitated by a professional nonprofit consultant in the fallof 2017. (date TBD)

At the end of this journey we are confident you will have strengthened your personal nonprofit management skills, competency, credentials, confidence and credibility. We also hope you will become connected to a group of peers who will continue to be a source of support.

*Application form is located below.


Please complete and return by, Wednesday, February 8th.

*Because class size is limited to 20 participants, we recommend submitting your application before January 1st.

  • *This program requires a brief description of your nonprofit career goals in the form of a personal statement or brief essay describing these goals to be submitted with your application for participation.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


All applicants will be emailed a registration link for finalizing payment and completing the application process. Payments may be made before each individual session.

Cost per session: $100/$700 for all completed certificate courses. Applicants paying for the entire course (7 sessions) before the first session date will receive a $100 discount.