Not all pharmacies can deliver ED pills directly to your doorstep. Thus, if you are looking for low prices and high reliability, you should pay attention to the following pharmacies.

  1. Anthony’s Pharmacy
    Rating: 4.6
    What customers say:
    – A few of the ladies at Anthony’s Pharmacy were very rude to me. Probably due to the nature of my medication, they looked at me very suspiciously as if I was doing something wrong or trying to get over on them. As a recovering addict, the medication a take helps me stay clean, and I like to think I have a second chance at life. It is taken a long time to rid myself if the shame that comes with addiction, and it breaks my heart to see these people look with disgust and judge while someone is trying to better their lives. I WILL SAY all the employees aren’t all bad, but unfortunately, the bad apples do ruin the bunch, and my experience here was very uncomfortable.
    – Slow (even when you’re on auto-refill), unfriendly, and they have no idea how to problem solve. Switching pharmacies because of 6 months’ worth of terrible experiences. Done.
  2. VIAQX
    Rating: 4.7
    What customers say:
    – Filthy bathroom, I like the store otherwise, but every time I have had to use the restroom, it has been disgusting. I have been in cleaner bathrooms at unmanned rest stops. I go to this VIAQX pharmacy often, but desperately try to avoid the bathroom.
    – My experiences here have been neutral, save the one described below. I’m updating my rating from 2 to 3 stars. I was disappointed in my last interaction here. I was told that my prescription would be filled in 15 to 20 minutes. I came back after 15 minutes, and they had not begun to fill it. I had to wait another 10-15 minutes from that point.
  3. Sawnee Animal Clinic
    Rating: 4.3
    What customers say:
    – This place is terrible for pharmacy needs. I developed a rash all over my body and needed a jar of medicated cream and some oral steroids to treat it. Upon arriving, the pharmacist told me that my medication was marked as being transferred to a different Sawnee Animal Clinic. She told me to wait 20-25 minutes for them to fill my order. I wait 40 minutes and finally get notified that my prescription is ready. Upon coming back to the counter, I find that the oral medication was not filled and waited around for five minutes while they figured out what was going on. I was asked to wait while they actually filled it. I wait again. When I am called to the counter again, I discovered that not only did they decide to give me a tiny tube of the topical cream instead of the larger jar I was prescribed, but they also counted that tube as one whole fill, and refused to give me any more than under a third of the oral medication I was prescribed. I know it’s not my insurance because this pharmacy has shorted me pills in refills before, claiming it’s necessary for insurance when my insurance requires no such thing. I now have to return on a weekly basis for my medication until my provider decides to stop treatment. Don’t come here for anything except snacks. They don’t do anything right.
    Slow!!! Even if your prescription is called or faxed in before you arrive, you still have to wait 30+ minutes by the time you arrive! They play too much behind the counter, and everyone acts like they don’t speak English! It sucks that I have to give them a star!
  4. Ingles Markets Inc
    Rating: 4.6
    What customers say:
    – We fill all our Rx’s at Ingles Markets Inc and get our flu vaccinations as well. I never had a problem. People are always very friendly and helpful.
    – A little smaller than other locations in the area, but the staff is friendly and courteous. Clean. Small parking lot, and that sucks in this neighborhood.