Sponsor Acknowledgement Form:
This form is required to pre-qualify a Partner who is seeking short-term assistance. Once you submit, the Grant Administrator will send information on next steps and accessing the online grant.


Note: The fund is not intended to handle all expenses related to an emergency situation. It is intended for short-term financial assistance.

BGC Partner Fund Sponsor Acknowledgement

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Has the partner been employed for at least 6 months with BGC? If yes, please continue; if no, the partner is not eligible.
Please Check Appropriate Person in Need*
Please Check Appropriate Event or Crisis*
Does this situation align with the criteria for being labeled as an emergency?*
If yes, the partner may receive up to $1,000 within days of submitting the application while total request is being reviewed and considered. To receive immediate funds for an emergency situation, we must get the partner's banking details and good contact information. (Applicable in situations like a house fire where the partner has lost everything and needs immediate assistance). ANY IMMEDIATELY RELEASED FUNDS WILL BE CONSIDERED PART OF THE TOTAL GRANT AMOUNT THAT IS APPROVED LATER.
As the qualifying sponsor of this grant request, I confirm this partner is in good standing with BGC and meets the minimum criteria.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.