ETCN Affiliate Program:

Building Sustainable Nonprofits

Overview: The East Texas Center for Nonprofits (ETCN) presents the Affiliate Program, a holistic initiative designed to nurture, guide, and empower emerging non-profit organizations. Recognizing the challenges many face in their early stages, this program offers the tools, resources, and mentorship required to make a substantial impact in our community.

Key Benefits:

Guided Mission Consultation


Refine and redefine your non-profit’s purpose with expert assistance.

Incorporation & 501c3 Assistance:


Navigate the intricacies of non-profit status with confidence and clarity.

Branding & Marketing Workshops


Establish a resonant brand identity and develop strategic marketing techniques.

Digital Literacy Classes


Strengthen your online presence with best practices in social media and website management.

Donor & Volunteer Management Training


Cultivate lasting relationships with those who matter most to your non-profit’s success.


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Why Join? Every journey is enriched by companionship and guidance. By becoming a part of the ETCN Affiliate Program:

Avoid Common Pitfalls

Leverage our expertise to sidestep obstacles and lay a strong foundation.

Earn Credibility

Upon program completion, attain the esteemed status of an ETCN Affiliate, signaling your organization’s commitment and readiness to potential donors, volunteers, and the community at large.


Collaborate & Grow

Engage in a community of like-minded changemakers for collaboration and mutual growth.

Join Us!


Stepping into the nonprofit world can be daunting, but with the right support, it doesn’t have to be. Let the ETCN Affiliate Program be your compass, guiding your path to meaningful change in East Texas. Apply today and amplify your impact!

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