Room Reservations


The United Way of Smith County has relocated to the Women’s Building at 911 S Broadway, Tyler, TX 75701.  With our new home comes an opportunity for us to offer free meeting space to nonprofits during United Way business hours (Monday-Friday/ 9:00am-5:30 pm).


Reservations will be handled by the East Texas Center for Nonprofits.  After hours usage on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday can be reserved by contract through ETCN.  You will find the fee structure in the policies.


Rooms Available Include:

  • Southside Bank Conference Room (for groups of up to 8)
  • James W. Fair and Wilton H Fair Boardroom (for groups of up to 16)
  • The Robert M. Rogers Large Conference Room (for groups of up to 60)
  • Hudnall Auditorium (for groups of up to 220)


There is no charge for space during regular business hours.  In return, groups assume the responsibility for beverage services, cleaning the meeting space and leaving it ready for use by other groups.


To Schedule Your Meeting:


*Reservations will be available after September 15, 2018, and your reservation is not final until you have received a confirmation e-mail.