If you follow our social media or attend any of our campaign rallies at your office, no doubt you have heard that your gift to our local United Way directly impacts about 60,000 individuals in Smith County each year!

Since the population is just over 200,000 now, that is about 1 in every 4 people!

We don’t do this through a handful of huge gifts from a foundation or endowment either…our average gift has been about $3.80 per week and we have over 8,500 individuals who donated last year!

When you think about someone in our community who needs help, what do you picture? Someone who is homeless, without food, unable to pay for basic necessities? Those are some of the most common symptoms of poverty that we hear about every day, and underlying all of that are issues that when left unaddressed, can affect us all and hurt our local economy. By supporting United Way, you can support programs that may be less obvious but are no less important. Great things happen when we LIVE UNITED! When you give:

  • A victim of child abuse can start healing and have a safe place to work through the trauma
  • A single mom can get her GED
  • A diabetic can afford treatment
  • The elderly can remain independent
  • Parents can afford childcare and after school care while they work
  • A drug addict can achieve freedom
  • A homeless child can get three meals a day and a bed to sleep in
  • Families get help following a disaster
  • Success stories are created!

United Way of Smith County believes that bringing together local individuals, companies, and other organizations to collectively help meet these needs is the most effective way to create lasting change and create more opportunities for all!

AUTHOR: Reece Anderson
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