I often get asked, “Hey, I want to start a nonprofit because I am always helping people. Can I put you down as a board member?” While I don’t mind serving in that capacity, I do ask my friends and family if they are ready for the work that is required to start and manage a nonprofit. I know their hearts are pure, and yours too if you want to enter the nonprofit world, but managing a nonprofit organization is more than completing the required paperwork to attain 501c(3) status.  Yes, a board is required, but you will need to know about board governance for your board to be effective. Do you know the difference between Founder, CEO, and President? Do you know if there is a difference, and the roles of those positions? Do you plan to engage volunteers for you organization? The most likely answer to that is yes, but what do you know about volunteer management? In addition, you need to learn about risk management, budgeting, grant writing, strategic planning, and taxes. It may all seem overwhelming right now, but the East Texas Center for Nonprofits is a great resource serving 14 counties across East Texas. It provides training, resources, and a library to those who want to start a nonprofit and those who want to learn how to manage an existing one.  ETCN helps ease some the anxiety that comes with running a nonprofit organization. For more details visit the ETCN site. If you decide to take the leap into the world of nonprofits, ETCN will be there to leap with you.

Post by: Angel Davis, United Way of Smith County

AUTHOR: unitedwaysmithcounty
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